What is self development?

I would consider self development as the voluntary focus one would put on self improvement as well as the realization of desired goals and dreams. It can be at the physical level, emotional, experiential or even spiritual level. It involves the whole person’s exploration. It pertains various considerations which revolve around getting rid of the negative qualities one faces and adopting positive qualities which when applied in life, become a rewarding resource to the actor, and those around tend to appreciate the actor’s deeds as well.

Self development is a process, and it involves these factors: goal setting, positive thinking, law of attraction, learning and exercises, as well as mind improving activities.

Goal setting is the creation of an intention to achieve a specific goal. Each person has a goal in life and most books I have read on success acknowledge that “in case someone has no goal, and then his/her life is not worth living”. I believe that each person has at least one thing he/she would like to achieve in life; and the actions taken to achieve the set goal lead to self development. If you do not figure out how to go about achieving your goals, then you will most likely not achieve them.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is becoming universal and is gaining popularity rapidly. Furthermore, self development enthusiasts already know about it and acknowledge that you cannot improve yourself without it. It states that thoughts attract emotions and emotions attract reality. Whatever you think, you can feel; and whatever you feel will manifest. This law is presented in many different ways and tends to cut across many self development schools of thought. Its application is based on three simple techniques: ask, believe, and receive. This implies that you need to be clear on what you want, you then believe that you have achieved your desires; and the final part is that your desires will manifest to you.

Learning and Exercises

Learning is a mandatory activity when it comes to self development. You need to learn various skills, either formally or informally and ensure that your lessons help you in achieving your desires. Exercising what you have learnt is also vital because it helps you master the techniques and the skills learnt and thus stands to be the actual act of self development.

Mind improvement activities

Mind improvement activities are quite vast and equally vital because whatever is seen by the naked eye was first conceived in the mind. It is therefore quite important to ensure that your mind develops as well. The level of development of the mind will easily determine a lot on the development of the general self. The various mind improvement activities include meditation, positive affirmations, gratitude, and self esteem improvement among others. These activities are quite important in mind improvement and the general self development of any person.

Self development resources are available and are in abundance just like air is. This is because each living creature needs to develop itself and it can be in at least one field of human exploration.